How to Finally Achieve Your Goals

I am a pro at setting goals for myself. I am a sucker for self-improvement and I love working toward something. But the thing is, I am not always a pro at achieving goals and I know what my problem is: I never tell a soul about my goals. I don’t know what scares me about it. I will literally hide my list of goals from anyone and claim that it is just a grocery list when anyone steals a glance. Weird, I know. But that has to change. I am starting to realize that telling your friends and family about your goals is one of the best ways to keep you on track.


Your friends will remind you that the deadline is coming up (or has passed).

When you set a goal with a hard and fast deadline and tell your friends about it, they will remind you that D-Day is coming up. They can’t help it. They want to hear about your achievements so they will be keeping tabs on you.

They will give you encouragement when they see your willpower wavering.

Your friends want the world for you and they will be in your corner the whole time. When your faith and willpower are running low, they will be the cheerleaders to your star football team. They will remind you about why that goal is important to you and what it will mean for you when you reach your goal.

They will give you advice to overcome obstacles and avoid roadblocks.

You will encounter obstacles in your path. There will always be things we have to work through to make our goals a reality. But your support system will give you advice and support to help you through it.

They will celebrate with you when you reach your goal.

Once you make it to the end, you friends will be popping the champagne and pouring a glass for you.

So much good can come out of sharing your goals with your support system. I will keep working on it. Do you share your goals with your family and friends?

Chayla Gustin