Introducing the 30 day personal branding challenge

Photo by: @stilclassics

Photo by: @stilclassics


This month I’m challenging myself to show up every day on social media and work towards building my personal brand. Over the next 30 days I will be posting on social media, doing live video, and writing here on my blog.

I know that my fear of self-promotion is holding me back from some of my biggest goals and this month I want to conquer that fear. I will be sharing my ups, downs, and lessons  learned here on the blog, in my Instagram stories, and in my weekly emails (you can sign up for my mailing list down below). 

Why am I doing a Personal Branding Challenge?

I want to build a design and branding business online. And truth be told, I have wanted to do this for 5 years now. I also want to start a YouTube channel. And truth be told I have wanted to do that for 10 years now. 

Why am I not taking action on my goals and dreams? Because I am afraid to be myself and put myself out there. I am worried about what everyone else is going to think. I’m turning 30 this month and it’s time to conquer my fears. Because, I’m not getting any younger and ain’t nobody got time for that!

What does the Personal Branding Challenge entail?

During this challenge, I am going to:

  • Post on Instagram and Facebook everyday (they’ll most likely have the same content)

  • Do an Instagram Live everyday

  • Share parts of my life on Instagram Stories

  • DM new followers and people who comment on my photos

  • Post updates on the challenge on my blog

  • Create 4 blog posts around personal branding and confidence

  • Promote myself and my challenge on social media

This sounds like a hefty to-do list, but it’s supposed to be a challenge, right? 

What are my goals for the Challenge?

For this challenge, I want to develop the habit of posting consistently on social media, gain the confidence to share about myself and my life online, gain 100 new followers on Instagram, and get 50 people on my email list. 

I also want to create an ebook around with some tips for personal branding and do an online class around the 10 biggest lessons I learned this month. 

See my progress here:

I will be posting weekly updates here so you can follow along on my progress.

Week 1 Update (Stay Tuned)

Week 2 Update (Stay Tuned)

Week 3 Update (Stay Tuned)

Week 4 Update (Stay Tuned)

End of Challenge Update (Stay Tuned)

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