A Perfect Date on the Sacramento RiverTrain

The countdown is on. My due date is just around the corner. I know our baby girl could come any minute, but it also feels like she may never come. Can any other mamas out there relate? It feels like these last weeks are dragging on forever.


We’ve been looking for the perfect way to spend time together before the baby comes

Lately, we’ve been trying to make sure everything is ready before the baby gets here (and dealing with all the anxiety that comes with waiting for your first baby to arrive). With all this running around, we haven’t really been making time to be with each other. These are last few weeks of it being just us and we really want to make an effort to spend quality time together before the she makes her arrival.

An afternoon date on the Sacramento RiverTrain

When I heard about the Sacramento RiverTrain Excursion, I knew it was perfect. We’ve been meaning to get out and do more things in our hometown since we know we’ll be staying close to home once we are officially a family of three.

Once we arrived to board the train, I was taken aback at how charming the train was. I was an old-timey, historical train with classic cars and decor. It was kind of cool to be taken back in to a different time. Once the train got going, we sat in one of the closed cars, enjoyed the beauty of the passing farmland, and had a cute picnic lunch.

Before we even started eating our lunch, Aaron immediately offered to trade me his Oreos for my Nutter Butters. It reminded us of when we first became friends in high school and would trade things out of our brown bag lunches. It was so nice to reminisce about how far we come. We started out as goofy teenagers and now we are married, almost 30, and expecting our first child.


Getting out of our comfort zone and enjoying the moment

Once we reached our excursion destination, it was time for gem mining. To be honest, it was kind of warm outside and I wasn’t super excited about standing in the sun to do an activity that seemed like it was more for kids. But Aaron convinced me that it could be fun, and that it would still be hot no matter what we did. Bless his heart, right?

So we grabbed a bag of dirt and a sifter and headed to the mining station. It was pretty cool to run the lumpy dirt under the water and see the gems appear. After we washed off the majority of the dirt, we then started busily trying to identify the gems that we had found. I’ve been getting into crystals the last couple of years and was really excited to find rose quartz and other gems I had actually heard of. I felt like a giddy little girl as we were identifying the gems. So I guess Aaron was right; I did have fun.


Being reminded that we actually like each other

On the way back to the station, we decided to spend the ride in one of the open cars to enjoy the view of the river on the other side of the train. Once we found a spot to hang out, I went and got us some drinks. Beer for Aaron; ginger ale for me (I would of loved a glass of white wine, but you know, preggo). The breeze from the moving train was so amazing after being out in the sun and the view was gorgeous. The best part was that we just got to enjoy each others’ company and talk about things that didn’t have to do with chores and getting ready for the baby. We told each other stories, reminisced about some of the good times we’ve had, and teased each other like we always do. It was a nice reminder that given the opportunity, I would chose to be with him all over again.

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A surprisingly perfect date

We could have easily just went out to dinner and maybe went to a movie. But, taking a ride on the Sacramento RiverTrain was surprisingly perfect. We got out of the house and enjoyed a peaceful train ride, some beautiful scenery, and actually had a real conversation that didn’t start with “what are you going to order” or “how was your salad.”

Once the little bambino comes along, we can’t wait to try some of the other experiences the Sacramento RiverTrain has to offer. After being pregnant all year, I can’t wait to indulge in some beer or wine. Lucky for me, there is a Beer Train and a Wine Train; all I have to do is chose. Although, the true crime nut in me really wants to try the mystery dinner train.  I highly recommend trying out the Sacramento RiverTrain and all the experiences it has to offer. To find out more about the Sacramento RiverTrain and check out all the cool train experiences, head to the Sacramento RiverTrain website: https://www.sacramentorivertrain.com/.

Chayla Gustin